Dr. Constance A. Morrison, Esq
Doctorate Humanities (Hon. CAUSA)

Attorney, Psychotherapist, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Forensic Scientist, Educator, Consultant,
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Graduate Certificate Nurse Educator,
Certificate Distance Learning Educator,
Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners


Nurse and the Law Seminars 
Malpractice, Forensic Science, Disaster Preparedness, Telepsychiarity
Risk Management, and Communications. 

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Morrison International Educational Associates

Compassion is the ultimate value in life. Service is the ultimate action.



The Fire at the WAREHOUSE 20 YEARS AGO - Worcester MA


We sometimes come full circle in our lives, Although, I have moved from my family home on Grafton Hill and my High School St. Stephen's where I was once President of the School Board. Home it was on that sorrowful night. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times it  feels like 100 years ago.  St Stephens is where families learned of the fate of their beloved men and heroes on that frigid night in December.

From the Telegram and Gazette -Worcester MA December 9. 1999 and December 2. 2099 (see these articles posted under media in this website.

"Ms. Morrison worked 16- to 20-hour shifts as the crisis expert  and volunteer director of the local American Red Cross, counseling the city's firefighters  and family members throughout the first couple of weeks after the blaze, and she has traveled extensively throughout the world as an American Red Cross volunteer to help in numerous disasters. "


"As much trauma as I've seen in the world, and as much trauma as I had in my  life, this was the most traumatic," Ms. Morrison said of the  warehouse  fire. "This  was in my own city."


I have settled in the Golden Pond Area, in the beautiful Lakes Region of NH and in Palm Springs CA and I am now Bi Coastal. I will say the  heartache and trauma of the men who died, and the  young families left behind  on that Cold December  night  20 years ago remain in my soul and will until eternity. There can be no greater tragedy than wives, parents and children left alone without their men who suffered in that ferocious burning fire. My soulful memories of all who gave selflessly during that tragedy in my  home town Worcester  MA will be forever  in my  heart.  I will carry those memories  into eternity. I need to remember the good as well as the misery we all endured. I will always remember my late gracious husband Paul Shapter who handed out blankets and hot coffee to all including the homeless who watched the smoke and flames in terror across the street from the ill-fated warehouse. It was alleged at the time that the homeless had a fire in the building to keep warm.

Dr. Morrison, a founding member of the United States Department of Homeland Security continues to work in the area of Emergency /Crisis and Trauma, she has since studied under Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk who is World renowned and a legend in his time in reaching those who have suffered from trauma . DR. Morrison's professional practice is the practice of law and telepsychiatry wherein she is telecast into hospitals and other Mental Health Facilities nationally and sees patients daily who have suffered trauma. Treating children who have been the victims of trauma is heart breaking. Traveling the world as an International Speaker and Volunteer I have witnessed firsthand these unfortunate traumas. Dr. Morrison will be involved in her new volunteer venture of teaching self-health care to impoverished children in India via the internet.


I have had the good fortune of being the daughter of the  late Larry and Grace Gentile whose life of service and generosity was well known . Their gracious spirit lives on in the Worcester Community. This devotion to service was continually nurtured when I entered Anna Maria College Paxton, MA in my 17th year from the Sister of St. Anne wherein "Compassion is the ultimate value in life, service is the ultimate action" At commencement  in May of 2006 Constance was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities for her service around the world. Dr. Morrison has since remarried to Alan Tripp a widower, a Vietnam Veteran and a soldier like herself.. They are both involved in Volunteerism and her work continues as she serves.



Breakfast with Champions

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

7:30 – 9:00 A.M.

The Radisson, Center of New Hampshire
700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101

 Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains is hosting its second Breakfast withChampions event. Awards are presented to women who make significant contributions to women and girls in New Hampshire and Vermont through their work, philanthropy, and community service. These champions have broken through gender barriers in their fields of endeavor, moved forward with out of the box ideas, served as powerful, positive role models for girls, and walked the talk of our Girl Scout mission.

 Dr. Constance A. Morrison, Esq. FAANP, a former Brownie Troop Leader, will be honored for her tremendous accomplishments in the fields of medicine and law, her deep involvement with the community, and her humanitarian work with the military and veterans. Constance “Jetta” has earned Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Juris Doctorate, and a Master’s in Business Administration, as well as many other certifications. She was appointed by Tom Ridge as a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security.

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Constance A. Morrison , inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners on the Potomac , in Washington DC on June 29, 2008

Dr. Morrison is an attorney and owns a consulting firm specializing in continuing legal education, forensic science education, malpractice/risk management, and advanced practice nursing/healthcare administration consulting. As a nurse practitioner and active international speaker, Dr. Morrison has built a research trajectory using interventional studies providing continuing legal education for NPs. She has used her legal and practice expertise to advocate for NPs at local, state, regional, national, and international levels, and has been recognized with numerous awards for her global humanitarian efforts with victims of natural disasters, and as a founding member of the United States  Department of Homeland Security.


Morrison International Educational Associates

Did you know:
An alarming trend is that the numbers of state board of nursing actions against nurses has been steadily increasing since the 0.2-0.3 percent of all United States registered nurses who were annually disciplined at the turn of the twenty-first century (Benner et al., 2002). At the same time, the numbers of nurses who have had increased responsibility and accountability in their scope of practice have also faced intensified scrutiny by these same boards of nursing. With the national trend of increased litigation, increased malpractice premiums, and increased civil, criminal, and board of nursing action, Continuing Legal Education Programming (CLEP) is vital.

Consider this:
Nurse Attorney Morrison and her international research team can survey your nurses and design and implement a legal program for your nurses using a model she has adapted (Green, 2003) and tested, leading to practice improvement.

Contact Attorney Morrison for discussion about your organizations needs.  camorrison@camorrison.com 



Attorney Constance A. Morrison is a telepsychiatrist, healthcare consultant and  trial attorney. Her areas of law are personal injury, which includes medical and nursing malpractice, mental health litigation, and, defense of nurses in disciplinary hearings before the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. 

Combined with her Doctorate in Law, her Doctor of Nursing Practice, her Master's Degree in Business Administration, and her Master's Degree in Forensic Nursing, she received her Post Master's Certificate  in Teaching Nursing Education. She also received her Advanced Post Master's Degree as a Community / Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She is Board Certified by the ANCC as an Advanced Practice Nurse, Psychiatry and is licensed as a Nurse Practitioner/Prescriber. Dr. Morrison is an educator in Schools of Medicine, Business and Nursing. 

A Cognitive Therapist, she studied at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and Research.

From left to right (standing): Yuko Yamada, M.C. (Japan); Anders Goranson, B.A. (New Hampshire); Constance Morrison, APRN (New Hampshire); Kimberly Hepner, Ph.D. (California); Emel Stroup, ABPP, ACT (Turkey); Irit Ben Ari, Ph.D. (Israel); Bernadette Grosjean, M.D. (California); José Salles, B.A. (Brazil)
From left to right (seated): Leslie Sokol, Ph.D. (Beck Institute); Aaron T. Beck, M.D. (Beck Institute); Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. (Beck Institute)

In her role as the first known graduate Forensic Nurse Attorney in the world community, Attorney Constance A. Morrison was a Field Attorney for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), consulting on a variety of legal issues including man-made and natural disasters. Ms. Morrison has also held the position of staff nurse in all clinical settings; and,supervisory positions, including Chief of Nursing Service in both acute and chronic care facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. On March 1, 2003,Nurse Attorney Constance A, Morrison was recognized by Tom Ridge as a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security.

Attorney Morrison was on the original panel appointedby the Governor of Massachusetts to write the Mandatory Rules and Regulationsgoverning continuing education for nurses. She serves on The Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research at Plymouth State University. She consults and lectures on the Researcher and the Law. Her current research involves professional nursing and its liabilities.

 She is a Red Cross (volunteer) nurse serving in disasters around-the-world. Attorney  Morrison is also a former Captain inthe United States Army Nurse Corps. A tireless advocate on human rights issues, and former hospice nurse, Nurse Attorney Morrison is the recipient of several awards for her accomplishments. She received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities from Anna Maria College, "for devoting her life to serving others through Nursing, the Law and the Community."

Attorney Morrison is a member of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association,  American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Sigma Theta Tau,and the American Psychiatric Nurses Association .  

She was a Legal Advisor for and is a member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN). She is educated as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner by the Massachusetts Departmentof Public Health. Attorney Morrison was an advisor to the committee for developing the Forensic Nurse Death Investigator credentials and served on the Ethics, Membership and Awards committeeShe is a member of the American College of Clinicians and serves on the advisory board.

She is a prominent international speaker and is the author of numerous peer reviewed publications on nursing malpractice and negligence issues. Attorney Morrison serves on the  Editorial Board of the Journal of Nursing Law, the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing and the Journal of Forensic Nursing .

Attorney Morrison is now teaching: